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hi from melbourne!

my name is lucas.

i didn't realize i needed to introduce myself before i can post! but here it goes~

my primary attraction to this forum is the wild betta section.

although it might not be very active but it is the best i can find for an aussie site.

i used to keep a pair of wild betta channoides. which i regret letting off some time back.

i now have crystal red shrimps and a trio of L333 plecos. and a spare mini sizeM tank...... if you get what i mean =)

actually, when i was still in singapore. where the fishes are abundant...

i bred L046, L333, L400, shrimps, betta albimarginata, betta palifina, betta ideii.

the fish scene here does seem a bit bland in comparison~

but i am happy to still have at least some fishes that i fancy.

hoping to share my experiences as well as learn from others.

yeap! that's abt it~

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