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Hey There Everyone


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Hey There evryone,

My name is Billy im from Perth,I have just recently begun my newly loved hobby of Caring for Bettas i would also like to start breeding them in the near future,.

I joined this site to hopefully find some Breeders in perth and to gather very helpful information from you all to make sure i raise lovely healthy Bettas in the future.

So anyone that can help me out with tips on getting started or locating a Perth breeder, It would be appreciated muchly.

Looking forward to blogging with you all :)

Kindest regards,


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Thanks everyone :)

I will be uploading pics in a week or so for you to see :)

Im finding it really hard to find nice Bettas in Perth iv spent the last month of weekends and thursday nights driving around to all the different places and still they are all the same dull ill looking Bettas, and im still not so confident with buying online.

Regards Billy

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someone - Lea ( someone ) Has awesome fish she has a youtube site Ive brought 4 of my Bettas from her and have found them to be excellent! though you have to be quick lol

Im not sure on the shipping to perth though hmmm

I havent taken the plunge of buying off aquabid yet.... but temptation is calling!!!!!!

Worth a look at the youtube site though.....

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