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Just thought i would post this here in case any abc members have email addresses different to the contact list the club has.

As you are probably all aware, the club has had issues running

successfully for a long time. We have tried to get things rolling, but

have not had much luck in doing so. We are meant to have an AGM soon,

however, since the future of the club is doubtful, the committee has

decided it is time to have a special meeting.

The special meeting will be held on the 5th December at 8pm daylight

savings (7pm non-daylight savings), and is for all abc members to

discuss and decide on the future of the club.

The meeting will be held in the club's chat room. This is located at

http://australianbettaclub.com/scgi-bin/gtchat/chat.pl . You may need

to set up an account if you do not have one yet. If you need any help

running the chat rooms please contact us (email below).

A resolution notice will be sent to all abc members email accounts

(within the next few weeks), that will be voted on at the meeting.

This meeting is also a chance for current members to voice any

concerns, issues, and queries. If you cannot attend and do have any

questions please contact me at lambo.is@gmail.com , so that we can add

your question to the agenda.

If you cannot attend on the night and would like to nominate a proxy

please also email to let us know.

Thank you for your time.


The Australian Betta Club committee

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