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G'day From Sydney


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Hi All

I am just moving backing into the hobby, after being an Aquarist at a public aquarium for just over 12 years. Yeah it was great fun hand feeding sharks and building some awesome displays, but I decided it was time to grow up and get a real Job.

Which now means I am motivated again to keep and breed some fish at home. Yeah I had a tank at home while I was an aquarist, but the last thing I felt like doing when getting home from work looking after tanks all day was to look after another one at home. Currently I have a Small Reef Tank, but I am looking at setting up a Freshwater tank of some sorts, still undecided on the theme. Maybe all native, but I have a soft spot for South American Cats, Cory's and Plecos, maybe a planted community or maybe evan consider an African Cichlids.

Its good to see a great local forum for all to learn from.



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