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Ideas on community tank?


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Hi all.

Just starting up a tropical tank, dimentions - 2foot long, 1 and a half feet high and deep.

Have been out of fish for around 10 years so have just started off with guppies. Any ideas on what else I could keep with the guppies, what plants to use, rocks etc? I am having trouble sourcing the plants and rocks etc on the mornington peninsula so might go shopping in Melbourne one day. Any ideas on how I can make an aweseome community tank, and breed some nice fish?

Thanks, Jane :photo:

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As fr as fish with your guppies in the community tank. I would suggest some

Corydora catfish


Pakistani loaches

Flying fix (Siamese algea eater)


Sword tails

Dwarf gourami

These are just some of the more basic community fish for you to think about. Considering your only just starting up again its best to keep it simple.

Plants that i would suggest for a simple low light aquarium

Java moss

Java fern


Amazon swords



Banana lilly

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Platies, sword tails and mollies are live bearers just like guppies. They are all easy breeders.

Corydoras are slightly more challenging. Bristlenose are easy. Pakistani loaches are difficult.

gourami are bred just like Betta with the use of a bubble nest.

I would use these fish in a community tank together but if breeding guppies or any of the other, i would keep species only tanks with guppies in their own tank reeding and vice versa.

Where abouts are you from?

If you are near me then ill definatley get some guppies of you in future.

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Might get a few more tanks for some nicer breeding guppies then :photo:

I am on the Mornington Peninsula but frequenting areas around Melbourne. I will gladly sell/give/swap guppies when I have some :)

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