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Canister Filters


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Hi all

I've decided to invest in a canister filter for my new 2.5 ft tank (peaceful planted community). The tank holds ~75L after gravel etc. So here are my options:

Ehiem 2211 300L/h, 1.3L vol - $125 (incl media)

Heto Neo S200 380L/h, ? vol - $105

Hydor Prime 10 300L/h, 1.5L vol - $130

I know Ehiem is the most populur in Australia but does anyone here have any experience with the other brands? I have read some quite good reviews on the Hydors, mainly on international forums where some even prefer them over Ehiems.

Thanks in advance!


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All very good choices (although I've not heard of Heto Neo, so really can't comment on that one), but I wonder if

you've gone a little undersized flow-wise... Maybe step up a hundred or so Lph? Obviously, with a paceul comunity,

you really don't want something that'll smash your fish against the glass all day, but I suspect 300lph-ish just won't

cut it for 75L of water... One more thing to consider is advertised flow as compared to actual, operating, flow. The

AquaOne listed below is advertised at 650Lph, but it's operational flow is more like 500. Will your 300Lph filters

flow 300Lph??

These would be on my list;

Eheim 2213

AquaOne Advance 750

Fluval 105

Each have decet Warranties, with the Fluval covered for 6 years. Also, each brand has a proven track record for quality

products, even Aqua One, although maybe not as popular as the other two...

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I did wonder about these flows as I currently have 2 internal filters totalling 700L/h, but thought maybe canisters didn't require the same flowrate. There is so many conflicting rules of thumb for turnover: I have heard 3-4 times per hour up to 10 times per hour!

Thanks for the tip!

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