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my humble duo


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well, here are my bettas. i only have two of them right now. Blue Ben is my venerable 5-year-old CT male who was missing half a gill cover when i found him, and Risa is my part-fish-but-mostly-stomach (voracious) VT female. Blue Ben is in good shape for his age, i think... maybe because i've been feeding him on bits of carrots, lettuce, chicken, and chicken liver along with his daily hikari betta bio-gold pellets... say, do you think a cellophane or white opaque betta would turn orange if you fed him/her on carrots for a prolonged amount of time? :D random thought.

sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. here's Risa eyeing the camera suspiciously:



and here's the best shot i could get of Blue Ben, who thinks all cameras are the ENEMY:


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