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Modifying Jebo R390KG lights


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Hi guys, i'm kinda over the Jebo lights - their tubes are like 1inch shorter then a regular two foot light. So what it means is when i need to place the globes it costs me over $60 to change all 3. (As i'm forced to buy JEBO specific globes, which come with a massive markup $23 ea!!)

As i'm toying with the idea of running a semi-planted setup, but obviously first process is the lights and i'm trying to get more watts under the hood. (Bypassing the stock system)

I remember reading a post about someone retro fitting a different light setup under the hood.

Can someone please advise if they have done this to their tank before, or provide me a link with this?


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Guest griip

I know this topic is old but I have the exact same tank and have the exact same problem, the only difference is that it costs me $35 for each tube so $20 would be a nice price. Any chance you could pass on where you are finding these tubes for $20 a pop. Also did you have any success with changing the standard lighting system to something else?? Would be interested in any info/advice you can offer.


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