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Neon Tetra Disease


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Hello everyone

One of my neons colour is a little off (I'll try and get some pcis tonight), he is a whitish grey colour around the girth.

I first noticed this about 6 weeks ago, I have had him for about 8 weeks ( I bought 6 little ones together ). I have been watching to see if there are any other signs of NTD, so far nothing. He still swims with the school (there are 14 altogether) and has an appetite. I don't want to panic and move him and find there is nothing wrong with him, then I don't want the others to get sick either if it is NTD.

I can't remember what he was like when I purchased him.

How rapid is NTD?

take care

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They can last for ages with NTD, and can share it with all your others - normally a sick fish will be shunned by the rest of the school though... I'd suspect something bacterial, rather than NTD...

The following is a thorough, but easy to understand explanation of NTD:




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thanks Stuart - I think I will take him out at the weekend - I will put back in the hospital tank for a while.

I had read that information before, it sounds like a nightmare of a aliment to have in your tank!

So far the school still accept him, he doesn't have trouble swimming.

I have some photos not great tho I tried to doctor them in Photoshop but I'm not very good at that either..



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