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Hi my name is. . .


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Hello everyone, 

My name is Eric and I'm based on Sydney, NSW (came from Nepal 2yrs ago). I've kept, killed, kept, bred and raised fish since 2020. 

Originally was inspired by aquascape into the hobby but found myself more into fish keeping rather than aquascaping. Every time I visited my local fish store, there was a new fish species which intrigued me so I end up buying more and had myself multiple tank syndrome. 

I was absolutely frustrated with planted tanks as I couldn't achieve required parameters to keep my plants healthy. Algae was everywhere and I couldn't help myself tearing down the scape and re-doing it again and again and again. Now that I think of it, I used to mess up the water parameter by overstocking and over feeding the live stock in a planted tank and wasn't regular in changing the water. (LOL)

At one point I stopped keeping planted tanks and started to focus more on breeding fish when I was in Nepal. I keep some common goldish, do have some planted tanks and trying to get more into nano tanks at the moment. 

Thank you for reading my introduction, hoping to learn a lot of new things from the community. 



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