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Hi! I am a hobbyist and currently have my second lot of guppy fry from a tuxedo male and neon green female. Not long finned as the male gets aggro at every other male I have had in the tank! The first fry came from the tuxedo male and the partial tuxedo female, who is the biggest! She's also the funniest! When I first put her in the tank she bumped into the wall and tail slapped the jumbo mystery snail! 

I have a red betta male and he made bubbles quite soon after I got him, but he needs a female. I think he is a double tail, I've sent a video to an expert breeder in Sydney to see if they can tell me. I hope to get a blue toned female for some potential purple fry, although I don't expect anything! I know it takes a while.

Also have plenty of red snails and black snails. I think it started with 3 tiny snails included with 2 Cory cats. I also have 18 barbs and 6 neon tetras. As well as 2 mystery snails who have been mating a lot and I had to put them in a snail exclusive tank as the female laid 3 lots of eggs so far in what is now the guppy only tank. 

I also have an outdoor pond with Pacific blue eyes and endemic water plants.

I am in Ipswich area in QLD.


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