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Introduction - I’m a new member!


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Hello, I just found this website and I’d like to join! ☺️

My name is Kate, I’m 19 this year, I live in WA and I’ve been keeping fish for around five or six years now, one of the two! I’ve always adored fish, particularly bettas, which was actually my first fish. Five (or six 😂) years later they’re still my favourite. 

I have a 60L with a crowntail male called Leon who shares the tank with kuhlis and ember tetras. I got him in early February this year.

I also have a planted 190L which is both a community tank as well as a sorority with some females, six to be exact. I’ve had two of them for over two years now, but one’s health is declining sadly. They share the tank with some platies, some harley rasboras and a Pakistani loach. I plan to buy him some friends when I have the money. 

My final other permanent set up is a 21L with another male betta named Elvis. I got him in May. He’s a marbling super-delta who is actually the father of the fry I have that are almost two weeks old! This isn’t my first attempt at breeding, but it’s the first successful spawn I’ve had, both Elvis and the female helped move the eggs into the nest. I’m guessing that there’s 30-40 fry.

I plan to sell the babies once they’re of age, and if the process isn’t all too stressful or difficult, I plan to breed another pair, and a unique one at that! My main purpose for joining is that I’d like to have the opportunity to communicate with other breeders in WA, to get the gist of selling and perhaps importing into the state since there aren’t many breeders to buy off of in WA (that I know of!). 

My dream fish is a giant betta, I nearly got one four years ago but he died while he was being held for me! I’d love to get some shrimp as well. My ultimate plan one day isn’t to get some magnificently beautiful and large fish, but to have such a tank that it replicates the natural habitat of bettas and that it’ll be big enough to keep a ‘community’ or ‘natural population’ (for lack of a better word) of bettas in there where they can carry out their natural lifecycles. It would be truly fascinating to see if they reproduced.


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