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G'Day all from Brisbane!


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Hi All, I got my 1st tank at 20 with Guppies (haven't we all) and now 20 years later, still enjoying the hobby.

Have a community 4ft, red shrimp tank (1st attempt at something resembling a scape) and 2x 48L tanks for breeding / growing out.

Wife won't let me have any more :(

Have been breeding Bristlenose Catfish for some time, have just sold them all as my Peppermints are getting to adulthood - fingers crossed.

Bred Red Jewel Chiclids, like 60-70 from one spawn!

Mainly do it to sell to LFS just to cover cost of food.

Just got into breeding Betta's, just moved on the last of my November 21 spawn to the local fish shops.

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