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First time betta breeder! I need your help.


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Hey everyone, I’m currently in the process of breeding my bettas. I’ve conditioned my female and male bettas and put them together for about 24hrs now. Heaters at 26 degrees c, Indian almond leaf in, bubble nest is huge under bubble wrap. They are constantly embracing and the male keeps getting stunned every couple times. Anyone gone through the same?? no eggs dropped yet.. any advice?

thanks, John 

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Judt wait. The important things are not the egg will drop or not, but will the male fertilize the egg. Many times i've fot fooled by the male. He's just boring and have fun.

It's more easy to look if the females it's times to breed. But the male? Still mysterious to me..

Just patient, sometimes last 1 hour or 2 hour, but it's can be longer to 4 hours. Depend the female how many eggs or the male already bored.

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