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Hello everyone! Newbie here.


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Hi everyone. I'm from south australia. I recently started with a tank when the children left home and didn't take their fishes with them - I really only started in January, after having a tough time recently I needed to focus on something calming. I'm now the proud owner of two tanks, they are known as the girls tank and the boys tank after getting guppies as my first fish.

I now have guppies, Siamese alge eaters, b/nose plecos, a few tetras and the new additions to my big tank are a few kulhi loaches and a pair of red + orange apistogrammas. 


I really enjoy the scapes and my fish personalities. I d like to have a few planted tanks and grow some rare plants  and on the wish list of fish are hillstream loaches. 


I'm here to gain knowledge and build a bit of library if things go wrong. 

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