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Hi all.

I live on the Central Coast of NSW and have been in the Hobby for a bit over 25 years.

I started out with a mixed STH American Chiclid aquarium and have since tried most other locations.

I think i peaked a few years ago with a 200Gal High Tech Planted Discus tank but this burnt me out.

Have always had tanks but the last few years it was back to basics and only kept 1 Tanganyika 4 foot and another 4 foot with Rainbows.

In the last year or so i have really taken a liking to Nano tanks and their inhabitants and currently have 3 Nano tanks a 3 foot Bookshelf that i keep a pair of Betta Imbellis 1 High tech cube that has a solo Female Elephant Ear Betta and a small 60long with a colony of Multi's.


I plan on getting more seriously into Breeding Wild Bettas and Killifish in the future.  

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