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Cloudy Eye


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Have tried everything, the cloudy eye keeps coming back 

By everything I mean even voodoo dolls, no, just joking. 

Garlic soaked feeding, antibiotics, pristine water, water changes, catappa leaves...

the thing comes and goes as in clears and comes back :(

This Betta otherwise looks absolutely normal. I absolutely adore it.

He knows to wait until I make his food sink. which is how I have been feeding him because on the surface he misses it. So he waits for me to sink his feed. 

Highly intelligent beautiful cobalt blue with a few scales covering his eyes. Was not for this dam eye cloud 

Today I have introduced a "ready to go" female in his tank and he was absolutely gorgeous as he courted that babe. 

ANY insights would be highly appreciated 

Thank you all in advance

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