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Hi everyone. My names Nathan and I live in the Adelaide Hills, im 32 years old and enjoy Nature, exercise and now aquariums... I got gifted an approx 125L Tank and restored the stand it was on/made like new. The got a few bargains and a gift or two. Obviously had to buy some full priced stuff as well. My fish I got are Lambardi(?) Cichlids and also Convict Cichlids. I have a couple electric yellows and (if they're not yet eaten 😕 ) a couple baby catfish. 

I will post a few pictures/vids of the process and my aquarium perhaps. 

I got my fish off a lovely lady on gumtree. They are small. Im also seeking advice on sexing them a little more (although if think ive worked it out) some are still too small to tell. 

What id also like to add is that in regards to the females, would anyone be keen perhaps on taking them? As I don't want to or have the capacity to breed fish. They're is so far to give away approx 1 electric, perhaps two peachy convicts and one Lambaradi (as I believe the rest are males with spots)... Time will tell but id rather they went to someone :) 

Cheers for the forum and also sorry for the lengthy intro. 

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