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Hi everyone. I'm new to your forum and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tommy and I'm originally from the USA in louisiana. I just recently got back into aquariums due to being disabled and needing something to do that will keep me from getting cabin fever lol. 

I started off with just a little betta fish in a 9 litre tank but after a few months he developed a really bad case of fin rot that I was unable to cure and the poor little guy died. 

So I went to my local pet store and started looking for other fish for my little 9 litre tank. The problem I ran into is a 9 litre tank doesn't hold the amount of fish that I soon wanted to have lol. So now I have my 9 litre tank and a 57 litre tank and a 28 litre tank for quarinteen. 

I use my 57 litre tank for a community tank with 8 guppies, 3 rasbora, 2 mystery snails, 4 Chinese algae eaters, a few ghost shrimp and a few red cherry shrimp. 

The 57 litre tank also has a few plants in it to keep the fish happy. My 9 litre tank I decided to use for breeding my red cherry shrimp which has been successful. There are lots of little babies swimming around in it now. One of my guppies had also had babies, 60 of them lol. I gave a few to friends and used the rest to feed my goldfish because the tank just wasn't big enough for all those fish. I did keep 1 baby just cause she was too cute to use for fish food lol. 

As if the aquariums weren't enough, I decided to make a little back deck goldfish pond also lol. 

So it seems that I am a bit addicted to fish lol. I'm looking forward to all of the future discussions. Oh by the way I now live in Seaford, Vic. 

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