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G'day, My name is Paul or Mitch.  Though my handle for the forum is Gigantor.  For those that know I am obviously showing my age when this was on telly in black and white : )

Ten or twenty years ago I had a disastrous start into keeping tropical fish.  I over stocked my two/three foot tank and selected non-compatible fish for my tank.  I think the aquarium shop I purchased from should have better informed as he new what I had.  Anyhow the bristle nose catfish ate everything.  Even one $30 Red Flame Dwarf Gourami.  At this point I gave up in despair until the bristle nose died about five years later.  The old glass aquarium is in the shed gathering dust.

I enjoy my technical hobbies, amateur radio being one.  Though I find myself gravitating to things I can listen and relax to.  Something that is visually relaxing is also desirable.  As I spend most of my hours listening to shortwave and medium wave AM radio.  I would also like something visually attractive and pleasing to the eye.  Google was my friend and a search for pretty fish that are easy to keep.  The list eventually shortened down to Betta Splendens.

As I wish to start off on the right foot and not make the same mistakes as last time.  I would like the prettiest fresh water fish that I can afford and that also is easy to keep.  This has led me to Victoria Betta and thus here.

I hope that covers the introduction.  I am looking forward to chatting and participating in this forum.  I have dropped my astronomy clubs membership because in six years or so I could never make the meetings.  So now I prepare myself for a new start into something completely different.

Warm regards,


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