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Hi and confusing contradictions regarding timber and toxins.

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Hi all

I have had aquariums on and off for many years and now have finally set up a 600 litre tank which is intended to be a showpiece with Logs plants and a small fish load of discus and cardinals with a few community fish that belong to my daughter.

My issue is that logs for a large tank are stupidly expensive for something that grows on trees. I have a very good redgum log and I have had tannins leech into the water which I am filtering out with Seachem Purigen. I knew this would happen and dont mind at all except for the dark staining which has made the low Iron glass wasteful if I leave the water dark.

I also have another log which I want to use that is cypress pine. After much reading one person says cypress is fine and another person says it is poison, as are all coniferous timbers. I am asking for an answer based on someone saying "I have cypress in my tank and have had no issues with it" and not "I read somewhere" or "they make turpentine from pine so it must be dangerous". The internet is a great place for information but it is also based a lot on peoples "opinions" rather than their "experience". Can anyone confirm that they use cypress and had no issues?

Thanks in Advance


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