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Hi all.

As I am not "new" to the fish keeping world I am new to the breeding world, for many many years I have kept an array of fish but non like the betta.

a few months ago I was given a very sick, very beat up HM Dumbo by a friend who had no idea how to keep a betta, so with many water changes, love, care and some good nutrition I brought this guy back to life.

he was my introduction into the weird and extremely fascinating world of this new ee strain and since his passing I have not been able to find another ee.

so, my question to everyone is…. where can I find good quality ee stock?

I know about 'someone' in QLD and Aquabid but I have no idea how to go about bidding and arranging shipping for the livestock..

is there anyone in Melbourne who breeds or knows someone who knows someone who does?

or can anyone help me out obtaining a pair via importing, be it from QLD or abroad.

many thanks.

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