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New fish keeper and learning!


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Hey there guys,

I'm really new to the aquarium hobby- you can just call me Piyoteru here. I'm caring for my first fish Sid, who is a veil tail betta. I really wanted to own a betta for a long time and spent months researching- which hasn't stopped me from making some rookie mistakes in the last month. My first fish is rehomed from a couple who went overseas and it's a crazy learning experience so far. His name is Sid Fishy, and he tail bites in the dark, flares at me if I point at the left or right sides of the tank (I wonder why only there?) and even though I'm not fond of his tail type, he is super adorable.

I actually really wanted a plakat, but the price of a tank and all the extra hardware it came with Sid (the veil tail) was too tempting- but turns out that it wasn't enough for the tank size- in the end I bought a better heater, changed the ornaments, bought plants- and I'm still buying more things for his tank to improve his life. I'm doing silly things that keep crashing my cycle, with so much conflicting information out there I'm going through trial and error. It's much more than I bargained for!

There's a lot I still need to fix with my practices, but I hope I can meet and find some friends near Melbourne who are just as into fish as I am (I don't have any friends who keep fish D:).

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