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2nd Q.F.A.S. Great Treasure Hunt 21st June


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Queensland Federation of Aquarium Societies
Invites you to participate in the;
“2nd Q.F.A.S. Great Treasure Hunt”
Saturday 21st JUNE 2014.

The “Great Treasure Hunt” is all about having fun and enjoying the company of other aquarium enthusiasts.

You will be travelling to a number of different aquariums shops, both north and south of the city. For lunch there will be a sausage sizzle in a park where there will also be some activities. Finishing off the day everyone will meet at a final destination for BBQ dinner and presentation of prizes.

PRIZES ? Yes there will be prizes, lots of them, last year we had over $1000.00 worth. There will be prizes awarded for all sorts of things including; the person with most Treasure’s collected off the list, the most correct answers and heaps of others. Each of the shops you will visit has kindly donated at least one prize.

There will be two groups, those starting on the north side of Brisbane and those starting on the south side of Brisbane. Each group will start at the location furthest out and work their way in to a central location for lunch. After lunch each group will swap sides of town and travel to the furthest location out, then work their way back to a different location for the presentation and dinner.

At every location you will be asked to complete an activity to obtain your next clue envelope. Each envelope contains directions to follow that will tell you how to get to your next location. You should read these carefully before setting off to the next location.

This is a Treasure hunt and you will need to collect some Treasure’s along the way. The list of Treasure’s you need to collect is enclosed in the first clue envelope. This can be obtained after completing the activity at the first location. There will be at least one Treasure, you need to collect, at every location you visit. Make sure you have a digital camera (most mobile phones now have built in cameras) as you will require one to collect some of the treasures. Yes they are photos.

You can travel by yourself but it is recommended to work as a group of at least two (2), it is up to you. Along the way your instructions will contain some simple questions, which you will need to record on an answer sheet, so read the questions carefully and watch out for the answers

While travelling around we have allowed enough time for you to spend at least 30 minutes at each shop so take your time and have a good look around. You never know you may find that bargin (Treasure) you have been looking for. Travelling time between each location will vary from 15 minutes to just over 30 minutes. At no stage will you asked to travel on any toll roads, or tunnels.

The starting time is up to you but if you start any later than 10:00am you will not be able to spend time having a good look in each shop and you may miss lunch which will only be available between 11.30am and 1.30pm in the park. The BBQ dinner will start at 5.00pm and be followed by the prize presentations.

If you are interested and wish to participate just email gday@firstclassaccounts.com before 11.00pm on the Wednesday 18th June 2014, giving your name and your suburb and how many will be in your group for catering purposes.

You will receive your first set on instructions by return email on Friday night 20th June 2014.

Note - this event is open to anyone who wishes to participate, not just affiliated aquarium club members.

This is NOT a race so PLEASE do not speed

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