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Algae Scrubbers


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Hi Guys,

I'm pretty new to fish keeping but I've been doing whatever reading up on the topic I can.

I recently stumbled across the concept of the DIY algae scrubber being utilized in SW and FW tanks to keep nitrates and phosphate down (to the point of never doing water changes) and eliminate algae growing in the rest of the tank.

I was wondering if anyone on here had heard of or tried building one of there own?

the basic concept, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about is that you create a small, easily accessible area with perfect conditions for algae to grow (the right amount of light, water flow, carbon dioxide, and fish waste). you place a sheet that is favorable for algae to grip on and then just let it grow. when the algae grows it uses up all the nitrates (ammonia and nitrite too) and phosphate as its created which then leaves nothing for the algae growing in the comparatively weaker conditions in the tank. once a week you pull the sheet out (here's where the easily accessible part comes in) and scrape the buildup of algea off then put it back to grow more.

there's a lot of different designs ans information to be found on the topic, from what I can see its primarily coming from fish keeping communities in the US but I was curious if anyone here had tried anything similar or if anyone is interested in trying it out with me.

if your interested in more info on the concept


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