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I'm a uni student who lives in Sydney NSW.

I acquired 2 male bettas about a month ago but sadly the one I named Barbosa, showed signs of infection later that day and passed away. I felt horrible for the little guy.

My other male I got is a red CT (now 6-7 months old) who I named Zorro; he is hilarious so I was content to just keep one (although it did look odd because he was in a divided tank and only one side had water and an occupant.).

Anyways once I realised something was fairly wrong (originally I though fin rot was the problem) I contacted the people who sold them to me for advice, sadly by the time they got back to me I think Barbosa had reached a point of no return; he died 4 days after I had him which was sad because it felt longer...

After that I really wanted to see about getting a bigger tank with a filter and heater (so I didn't have to keep my room really warm) but I wasn't in a big rush and I couldn't justify spending the ridiculous amounts on a new set up my LPS was asking for. 3 days after Barbosa died I saw that the people who sold me him originally had for sale a tank with lid, sponge filter and a heater + some décor, java moss and this grass thing I don't know the name of. I was in luck! It was still available!! They also said they felt bad for what happened to my fish and said they'd like to give me a new one when I came to pick up my tank.

And that's how I met 5-6 month old Albus (a cellophane male HM) and Thumbelina approx. 8 weeks old (suspected female; wild x arena). Originally I was meant to just get an adult male but they saw me staring at a baby betta with awe in my eyes and they said I could have one too. So then I had Albus in Barbosa's old side (don't worry I made sure it was clean!), Zorro in his side of the tank and little Thumbelina in a heated/filtered tank with a fairly large golden mystery snail I dubbed Sherlock.

Since then I found a person who sold me some pure Endlers! This is the first time I've owned anything other than bettas or goldfish.

Then the next day right before my exam I was looking in the LPS (which I do at least 3x a week as you do) and I spotted kuhli loaches! This was the 2nd time I had ever seen them in my life and ever since the first time I was in love.

So in a little over a month I now have 3 bettas, 12 Endler Livebearers (fry of different ages) and 3 kuhli loaches (I was going to get 4-5 but there was only 3 left) and I love them all!!

I can't wait until this (horrible) semester is over and I can set up a bigger tank for the Endlers, Kuhlis and Thumbelina to live in.

One day in the future a sorority would be AMAZING but that's more a long term thing.

Anyways that's a bit about my fish =]

Can't to wait to speak to you!

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