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Tandanus catfish advice

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I recently bought a Jade Perch and a Tandanus Catfish for my 4ft tank. Both are doing really well (I LOVE the Perch, so much character!) but I wanted some advice on what to feed the Tandanus. Everything I've read said they are carnivorous however I'm still not sure exactly what to feed. The Perch is an eating machine and eats almost everything before it has a chance to sink, but clearly the Tandanus gets some food because he has grown. I currently feed them a combo of flakes, pellets and frozen brine shrimp. The Tandanus is very shy though and really only comes out at night, so I was thinking of getting some sinking pellets that I can drop in when I turn the light off at night. Does anyone else have these guys? Any suggestions on diet,

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Tandanus are eating machines and will anything that fits in their mouths.

And their mouths are huge.

I have seen one with a fish larger than itself stuck in it's mouth.

Any sinking pellet will do as they get larger even frozen green prawns and pilchilds.

Remember that they grow to 1.5 meters in length.


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