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Hi Everyone,, I have found some great info on these thread, so wanted to become a member,,

I have 3 tanks ( aquaone 620 ) Aqua nano 40 and a Juwel korall ,,, i love breeding guppies,,

I will like to know what is the best place to find some nice fancy guppies,,

I love their beautiful colours and how playful they are,,

It will be awesome to have some nice fancy guppies in my collection ,,, thanks everyone


These are my loveley fish collection

3 Black Mollies lyretail

2 Fighters Male long fin

4 Endler Gupies Male

5 White Cloud

5 Glow Light tetras

6 Rosy tetras

6 Flame Tetras

3 Black Neon

9 Neon tetras

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