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Hi all!

My name is Bill and I have had fish and yabbies (on/off) since I was about 10 where I caught them myself in a local parks pond...

After feeding those fish bread (as my grandmother suggested) and having them die in yellowish water a few days later I decided I need to learn more! A few years later I had my first computer and started doing some research and figured out fish don't eat/bake bread in the wild!

I currently have a community tank with different types of tetras, A 4ft tank with some yabbies which I have bred and raised for a couple generations (found brown/black and now blue), A 30l tank with cherry shrimp and a couple smaller tanks with bettas. I'm in the process of building a betta drip system and hope to raise a couple betta spawns before buying a good quality pair of bettas and attempt to breed them.

I love the idea of posting in a forum with people who have a similar interest with in fish as I do and learning from previous posts.

I'm terribly addicted to the Game of Thrones TV series at the moment and I also love learning about dog training theories and animal behavior in general.

I'm new to forums as I usually search/find what I need and don't bother anybody so I hope this intro helps people to see that I'm not here to spam and advertise biggrin.gif

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