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hey guys thought id introduce myself. my name is danielle im 24years old. I grew up in Christchurch New Zealand and have recently (5 months ago) moved to point cook Victoria.

I bred bettas and guppies back in New Zealand for a few years and have just started breeding them over here :) I have approx 20 bettas all of which are Thailand imports. i have little babies free swimming as of today also :)

breed guppies on the side more for fun. I have 6 tanks one of which includes my latest edition. an 8 foot tank which im setting up as a full planted community tank with neons, discus,catfish etc :) in time i will be giving breeding discus a go too!!

my main interest is in breeding bettas and coming up with stunning fish with great colour and tail form.

look forward to talking with all of you on here


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