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G'day from Tasmania!


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Hi my name is Daniel, I am 15 years old, I just got into the aquarist hobby about 3 months ago. My tank is a 45 gallon aqua one AR-850 and only has 5 black neons (Yes i know i need more) and 10 regular neon tetras. I didn't add my first live plant until about 3 weeks ago when I added some java moss to it, which was very lucky for me because java moss is illegal to import form the mainland. The way I obtained it long story short I E-mailed someone listing a whole aqarium with java moss with it then a week later they charged me $5 for a whole snap-lock bag full of it delivered too :)/> (neighbors must have thought it was a drug deal guessing by the look on their faces :)/>

Just thought I would tell you that story, I thought it was quite interesting :)/>

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