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Hello from Wollongong!


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Hi all, my name is Graeme.

I've been keeping fish for about three years now and have realised increased enjoyment since starting out with a 60 litre tank and goldfish, until now with a 300 litre tank and mostly cichlids of the more placid variety.

Everything has been going really well but I feel it's time to take the next step and get a little more serious about plants. I would love to create those 'Eden like' aquascapes I've seen pictured but really don't know where to begin. My local aquarium store guy tells me to stick with plastic plants and save the hassle but I just have to take on this challenge and create my own!

As I said, no help from the local store so Ive turned to the web, hopefully this is the place for friends who share knowledge and can help me develop my own to pass on.

It's a pretty basic setup. 4 foot x 2 foot tall x 1.5 foot tank. Aqua one canister filter, heater, 40 watt t8 light, a bunch of driftwood and rocks, and of course 25 happy and healthy fish: angels, fire mouths, clowns silver sharks, electric yellows, and soon to be gone severums (getting too big and eat every plant I've put in).

Can't wait to get cracking on the planting project and looking forward to discussions with fellow enthusiasts.

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