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Hey everyone, from Sydney :)


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Hello !

I've been lurking around for awhile and I guess its time to introduce myself.

My name is Brian and I'm 14.

I've been keeping fish for about 3 years. I've also gone into axolotls, but I gave up after a while.

I am currently into aquascaping (though I'm not very good) and shrimp..

And I've just had absudden urge to breed fighters...

So far, I have 4 tanks, one with goldfish, two empty (for breeding) and a display 2fter which has shrimp and lots of plants (hm, java fern, java moss, peacock moss, subbwassertang, blyxa japonica, stauro tropica and more).

I'm thinking if breeding fighters in my 30x30 tank...

Hope this is a good intro..

Thanks everyone :)

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