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Super Cheap & Clean CO2 Generator- Ebay


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Hi Guys,

Not sure if anyone has these, but I found a really cheap DIY CO2 kit on Ebay

It runs off baking soda and vinegar + injected air via a supplied pump. It has a pressure gauge and control vale at $21 inc shipping

The demo video isn't working but I've bought one, and hopefully get it running in a planted tank and show some pics, I've always been

scared of a yeast explosion so I've never tried DIY CO2 before, very exciting.


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lol sorry mate it's been sitting in my fish room doing nothing, sydney chills has got me putting all my free time into insulating my fishroom (garage) and still trying to kill off a black spot infection in my barracks. I'll post pics tomorrow of it and I'll find the promo video and link it here:lol:

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