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Hi! I am Hazell, I have had fish for a few years though I am still quite new to bettas, I own two bettas: Senjii a male Veiltail betta, and Echo a male Crowntail betta, Echo lives in a 38 Litre tank with two male guppies and a single rummy nosed tetra along with a pesky bumblebee goby who nibbles at all their tails. They have a standard medium sized hang on filter and a bubble pump hose for oxygen and a heater for warmth, they have a few ornaments but not so many that it limits space. They have a small plant in the tank that Echo enjoys hiding in.

Senjii lives alone (at this stage)in a 40 Litre tank with an internal filter, a heater and a single Purple Waffle plant, he has a small log to stay in too. We are most likely going to move the Tetra in with Senjii because Senjii looks a bit bored in his tank with the hang in light.

So yes my fishies live with me in the Lismore district area. :)

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