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Betta Are Better!

(biased, totally) but they're a great way to get into fish keeping and are generally speaking, pretty low maintenance.

There's no shortage of how to set up a betta tank, and the things you need to consider.

I'd just say a few things:

-Tank around 5-10lt per male


-Filter (sponge or bio filtration)

-Water quality (stable Ph, I use Carbonate Hardness powder / Dechlorinate & conditioner / Aquarium Salt & shell grit for nutrients)

-Food (pellets or frozen or live - all good)

Be prepared to do weekly ish water changes

& be prepared to get sucked right into fishkeeping!

Let me know if and when you're looking for fish, sometimes there's a few spare males bumping around free to good home, or for sale in any one of the Victoria breeder's barracks.


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