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Hi there, my name is lyndal but i mostly go by lyn.

This is kind of a joined account between my mother (Leonie) and I. After around 5 years of living without fish we are finally getting back into fish keeping/breeding, thanks to a nice local fish keeper who got us started again. It's been a while so we forgot how awfully addictive it can be!

We have just finished setting up our 4ft tank, which mum plans to keep congo tetras in (shes obsessed with her congo's!) She also loves her brasiliensis, clown loaches, bristlenose catfish and loads more.

I personally ADORE my bettas, neon tetras and my beautiful moscow guppies. I'm not the greatest fish keeper in the world but thats why I have come here, to learn more. I've never bred my bettas because i've never been game to try but I'd really love to do it someday. I only have a couple crowntails, as i've found it hard to actually track nice,uncurved bettas down.

I'd have to say the tank that i love the most would have to be our planted 3ft tank, it's amazing to watch with the rainbows, neons, congos etc swimming around all the green plants. The colours are amazing.

As far as babies go we currently have some geophagus brasiliensis fry growing in one of our tanks, some platies, loads of goldfish and some moscow guppies.... oh and a million and one snails. Mums looking at getting a couple different types of african cichlids because we already have some more tanks on order...

We are on Brisbane northside, at caboolture. Really looking forward to getting to know some people and learning more about my bettas in particular.


Leone and Lyn

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