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Black moor Goldfish


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Hi All

About a year or so ago I purchased my first Black Moor Goldfish (Maury). Ive had several fish in my life including the regular mystery breed goldfish from the local pet store and couple from fairs but Maury is the first that seems to enjoy swimming and floating/sleeping upside down. The only other time I've heard of a fish swimming upside down is one that lived in a lab that studdied earthquakes. The science types that at first thought the fish dead soon learned to watch the fish and when he went belly up to turn their eyes to the siesmographs since the fish only displayed the behavior preceding an earthquake.

As to Maury well the only noticable earhtquake we've had in New york state in my memmory was this last summer and I was on the wrong side of town to feel it :(( . SO why does Maury like to Smim upside down so much, well when hes not pestering the ramshorn snails that is lol.

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Hey Asil,

I used to keep Shubunkin & XXL Blackmoors, they were all prone to Swim Bladder disorders, but quite often they could re-adjust with a change of diet.

To be honest I wasn't as "into" the science of my fish at the time, so I couldn't tell you what the water quaity/parameters were (which might have contributed)

Keep in mind these fish are ombivores, and looooove vegetation - i had plenty of soft aleodia or smaller leafed plants they could munch on- this really helped with the floating.

Some just battled with it their whole lives - and that was that.

Have a look into getting some sinking pellets too - this made a huge difference with my boys.

In addition to plants and pellets - they also like

  • Oranges
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Peas
  • Cucumber
  • Blood Worms
  • Zucchini
  • Grapes (peeled)
  • Glass Worms
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach

(in small doses)


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Maury Doesnt seem to have any trouble swimming around and im verry careful not to over feed him usually about five of his little pellets twice a day. the pellets are the really small ones about a millimeter in width. I was wondering if the behavior might actually be a type of play since his only tank companions are his snails or if it had to do with the proportions of his body and tail his totall length is about four inches and 2/3 of that is tail. ive saved melbourne bettas list of treets to my desktop ( my memmory has more holes then a tuna net) so i can try them as available.

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