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Melbourne Betta Addict Seeks Advice


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Hello Aus Aqua,

It's been about 5 hours since I last drooled over a live betta, and around 15 mins since my last visit to aquabid.com

I don't so much need advice as to how to reduce my addition, as expand it!

Since trawling the 'net for months, after advice, tips and info - I've come across Ausaqua... and you've answered all my questions, without me even needing to ask them.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Ness.. I've always had a fish tank teeming with something-or-rather, since I can remember.

My 3 foot tank even moved out with me years ago when I moved out of home, the 'team' comprised of Large Ryukin / Shubunkin / Blackmoor...

Throughout my fish keeping, there's often been a little Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splenden) in his own custom made barrack or tank.

Around a year ago I lost the a-team when they sprayed our house for Bora (white ant) after reassuring me it wasn't that toxic, they all went belly-up... except my mate "Tim" a lovely little old Crown Tail who is a lover, not a hater.

For the next little while, every aquarium had pretty average stock, and I wasn't feeling the love - so I handed over the 4.5 foot tank and setup to the kid next door and focused elsewhere.

...until, well...

I was doing a little "research" at work, and discovered Jodie-Lee's youtube channel.

Oh dear.

So the head-count by the end of Jan will be:

Pair Salamander Butterfly HM - someone

Pair of Extended Red OHM (he's a comb-tail) - someone

Pair of Copper OHM (he's a rose tail) - Thailand import

Pair of Royal Blue/Turquoise OHM Double-tail pair - Thailand import

"Tim" 5 year old Copper Orchid Crowntail (SD)

I'm really interested in the genetics of colour, but my focus is on form... I'm taking the hobby a step further (into obsession) and trying a few breeding pairs... after all the research and science, I realize there's still an intuitive element to successful pairings and fry raising.

Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you, and gaining from your wealth of knowledge!




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