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My new Aquaone tank


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After the nightmare with the 2nd hand tank, I decided to just buy a brand new one. I'm really happy with it and so glad that I have decided to go down this path.

Here it is as of last night. Still in it's infant stage as you can see but I am already have a blast hunting around for goodies to add to it.


I found the best piece of drift wood last night too at Coburg Aquarium. Isn't that shop fun!? It's exactly what I've been looking for.


Fin and Pip have a new tank buddy. A little bristlenose. The kids love him, just watching him do his cleaning thing. Fin is so interested in him too. He has not flared at him at all, just wants to check out what this strange looking fish is all about!



Then Fin got a little too close for comfort and the bristlenose charged at him! LOL.


I'm really looking forward to sharing my journey setting up my new tank with you guys. I can't wait to get my little crew into their new home.


I also bought 3 Balloon/Pot belly Mollies that are in another tank waiting to be moved into the big new tank when it's ready.

I think one might be dying as when I woke this morning, he was laying ont he bottom of the tank not looking so healthy. :byebye:


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