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Hi! Steven from Melbourne


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This is my second introduction as my first did not go through to the Admins or that they did not like what i said, either way.

I was a member of this forum but I had forgotten my username and password. Now that I feel like breeding a type of fish I thought of this forum so I made another account. (sorry if that is against the forum rules)

I bought two betta fishes from a nice lady in Frankston, one i gave away cause my cousin loved it so much. The other passed away just yesterday </3

I'm thinking of breeding fishes, but I am a busy man.

If you guys know any nice and easy fishes to breed, please state them and if possible give me some methods of ways to setup the tank and how to breed them.

I would like hardy fishes that look nice, but hardy would be just fine.

I recently went to my cousins place and noticed they had a pond with Kois in it. They were beautiful and I am thinking of making my own Koi pond for them to breed in. If you know any one who sells Kois in Melbourne, please let me know =]

Hopefully you admins let me post my introduction cause this is my second try =\

Thanks for reading my post/thread


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