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Hi from the Hunter


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Hi, I started adopting fish in college as people left or lost interest and haven't stopped. I have a particular love of catfish but took on 2 sailfin pleco's that grew and grew and grew.....one has been adopted out to a fish shop as a feature fish and the other I kept. So it is now the centre piece of my fish and everything has to grow around it. I have smaller tanks for my whiptails and shrimp also. My ultimate goal now is to breed whiptails successfully. I currently can raise maybe 2-3 per spawning.

Leticia :)

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Hi leticia being new to fish keeping (2 years) I went through the stage of if it looked nice in the shop I bought it, finally came to realise that not all fish are friendly with each other. Slowly I realised that I'm hooked on BN catfish and 3 of my tanks are devoted to them the other has Guppies that I think are great.


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