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My pregnant Ribbon Fin guppies


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Hi guys,

I have two pregnant ribbon fin guppies... They are fat as! But they dont seem to drop their babies!!! I really want to see the baby!!!

Is there any reason they are holding their babies in their gut or, perhaps they need special requirement to drop them?

My tank temperature is 28dgrees at this moment, and decorated with peacock moss, cryptocoryne and crinum calamistratum and narrow java fern in 45cm tank.

Please let me know how to make them drop their babies soon!! they look like they'll burst!! but no babies yet

thanks guys!

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finally they gave birth to halthy 50 fry!!!

growing fast every day... it's been 4 days now and they are fairly big! all swimming on top and eating well

parents did chase them around but not a big casualty!

two females are pregnant again, and looks fatter than last one..

I found that my guppys aren't ribbons, they are swallow tails

thank you guys for help!@

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