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  1. Just wondering whether Black worms carries any parasites? What are they cultured on? Regards Jonathan
  2. Hey guys, Thanks for all the info! Its seems to me that hand-carrying fishes into Tasmania sounds easy. (If it is according to what Celeste84 said ) What are the procedures of hand-carrying fishes to Australia itself? Regards Jonathan
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the warmth welcome! Well.. I will likely be studying in Tasmania.. Anyone have any ideas of the "how-abouts" of importing bettas in Tas? For carnivorous plants (cps), I have been keeping nepenthes, Sundews, Droseras, venus fly traps, utricularias. Yup! That's about all! Regards Jonathan
  4. Hi Guys, This is Jonathan Poh from Singapore. I have found this website via the link from ABC. The reason why I am looking into Australia's betta scene is because I will be coming over to Australia for studies next year. Hence I am looking into establishing my passion over there too.. (Simply can't live without bettas. LOL!) Like what all people come into this site for.. .. I am interested in keeping fishes.. (Show Bettas, Show Guppies, Discus, killies, Planted tanks, platys and etc) I am also into growing carnivorous plants and some other interesting plants. I am into the arts; singing, playing the piano, acting and etc. Yup.. that's about all.. Will keep this post updated !! Regards Jonathan aka jonpoh
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