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Hi There :-)


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Hi my name's Dave and I currently live with my partner Kerry in the Liverpool area of Sydney's Western Suburbs, but will be moving house in about 4-6 weeks, most likely closer to the Parramatta area. I'm an easy going and down to earth sort of guy who gets along well with most people, although I tend to be a little quiet and shy at first.

I've always been a huge animal lover and have kept almost every type of Pet you could imagine over the years. At the moment I'm just keeping and breeding Pet Rats and my Tropical Fish, I currently have 7 Tanks ranging from 30cm x 30cm x 30cm Nano Tank to Standard 3ft, I keep and breed Apisto. cacatuoides 'Dbl Reds', Apisto. trifasciata 'Gaupore Reds", Blue & Gold Rams, Bolivian Rams, Australian Desert Gobies, Dwarf Gourami ( Colisa lalia), Guppies, Mickey Mouse Platies, pure Endler's Guppies and Yellow Snakeskin Endler's. I also have Corydoras schwartzii, Croaking Gourami, 2 x male Delta Tail Siamese Fighters and 3 x female Long Fin Fighters. My list of Fish species I keep is constantly growing and changing, I'm planning on adding more tanks to my collection over the next 6-12 months, that's if I'm allowed to, I'm always getting into trouble for spending " too much " money on my Fish lol.

Anyway, I'm actually in the middle of doing my Water changes so better get back to it.


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Hi Dave,

Welcome to AAQ, you sure have a range of fish don't you?!

I only realised how nice Apisto's were when I saw some in the shop the other day. They look a little cichlid-ish, but i'm assuming they're a freshwater fish. I should do some googling haha.

I actually have a very similar range of fish to what you do. I love my dwarf gourami's. I tend to steer away from the type you seem to have, and go for the Honey Dwarfs, as they seem to be a little more hardy.

Anyway, hope you enjoy yourself on here!


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