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Good Evening!

Force Fed

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Well, Thought I might aswell get around to making an introduction as I haven't as of yet since registering..

My name is Chris, I am living up in Townsville NQ. Been around aquariums from an early age but never really got into them until my liking for them was re-ignited by a mate while I lived in Brisbane when he made a Cichlid tank.

My aquarium collection seems to be growing every few months with something else added to the "family"...

Current collection goes something like this.

3ft Tetra/Small Fish Setup.... consisting of:

9 (lost one last week) Cardinal Tetra

5 Neon Rainbows

8 Cherry Barbs

3 Blue Emperor Tetra (lost some over the past few months but cant be bothered replacing)

2 Bristlenose Catfish

2 Siamese Flying Fox

2 (pair) Blue Rams

2 Honey Dwarf Gourami

1 Female Fighter - Black Milano HM (thanks again for her Jodie)

- Currently waiting for stock to arrive of 4 Neon Blue Rams (cant get females at the moment)

- There were 2 Angels in there (one plat one black) until today, But decided they were too bossy in that tank.

Silica Sand substrate, rather heavily planted and a lot of driftwood...

3Ft Cichlid Tank containing:

1 Gold Severum (worked out to be around 9 years old at the moment)

1 Silver Dollar (same age as above)

2 Peacock Cichlids

4 Angels

Gravel substrate, plastic plants... nothing overly fancy

There is another tank thats only about 45cm x 30cm........ rather nice size actually that holds:

2 Glass Bloodfin Tetra

2 Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami

2 Dwarf Gourami (might be flame - havent looked hard at them)

2 Red Honey Dwarf Guarami

2 Bristlenose Catfish

Graval again, some driftwood with Java moss on it, 1 Java Fern and 1 lilly

I am looking at another pair of fighters from Jodie (check your youtube messages when you get a chance if you haven't already- if you see this thread), aswell as waiting for my local supplier to see if he can get a pair of Black Red butterfly HM's (or if Jodie can) which will be kept in divided tanks...... I may get another male to go with my female - Last one died only last week from what looks to be cone snails or so.... (not 100% sure)

I did have a Fluval Edge until thursday night which I sold off after owning for only a short time - Got over it not being good for Betta's......

My main tank is currently filtered by a Fluval U4 which I am more then happy with, but have been tempted to step up to a Fluval 305 Canister.... But its all money dependant....

I am currently finding it really satisfying to walk into a room where all of hte fish are at full colour almost 100% of the time!

Will upload pics when the digicam charges up again

If you have made it down this far in the post, Well done :)


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Wow! I love it when people give a full and proper Intro. Welcome to AAQ, Chris. Looking forward to the photos.

Thanks for the welcome.... Thought I might do a half assed intro for once.......

Might go check the charging of the battery now!



...Link died?!? You didn't tell me!!! D8

Welcome to AusAqua and you need to come to Brisbane for the Brisbane Betta meet!!!

Herro miss!

yeah well.... we havent exactly spoken much of late i think you will agree..... But yeah, unfortunately the turd did..... soon to be replaced by...... 3-5 more LOL

further info about me - i am constantly floating around forums....... but i dont comment if i dont know the answer most of hte time... I'm a serial modifier when it comes to cars...... between cars and fish, i have no money LOL - oh and I do some IT stuff.....

pics coming in a few minutes when i resize them

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Since I am rather slack, I couldnt be bothered taking a million photo's of my tank trying to get good display of the fish etc.

Here is it in its latest form...... It changes a fair bit when I get more driftwood etc from my local aquarium....

here is a couple pics of it as its changed over a short while of 2 weeks or so....

Current Form


A couple close ups!



What it was about a week or 2 ago


Note - Yes silica sand is an absolute nightmare to keep clean!!!!

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Hey Chris welcome to AusAqua.. I believe you're a member of QSS ?

I'm a big fan of the honey dwarf gouramis *lol*

LOL! Yeah, I dont go on there anymore.... But yes, I am a member of that forum... thanks for the welcome :)

The Honey's are pretty much the main attraction in my tank until I get my Neon Blue Rams....... one day... Having no Angels in there is also making me think of throwing a male fighter in there with them! since it is quite a large amount of space for them!!! just dont want to crowd!

Nice. I like the first photo. You've captured the colours really nicely.

Thanks mate, I am really not one for good photo's, my mate has offered to come around and take some of the tank to get the full detail out of it..... - spose thats what you get when you're a photographer LOL.

Currently waiting on a pair of CT Betta's from Jodie which should be here friday or so... just gotta setup that small tank again quickly and work out if i want a sponge filter or not in there with them or the one i have....

Once again, thanks for the kind words, I try n keep the tank as clean as possible - that said I havent had to clean the walls for algae for over a month!

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