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New steel blue HM <3


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Its always dangerous me walking into pet stores, especially the my favourite ones :P I bought this gorgeous boy today, from the same LFS Ive bought a breeding pair from before.. Their setups are not ideal, but I love their fish :D

They get them from a breeder in the area, so if anyone recognises him, or sells their fry to a shop near fountain gate, Vic, let me know :P

I love my new boy, IMO he's absolutely gorgeous, I love how well his caudal and anal fins line up :) But Im veeery much no expert on whats good and whats bad in betta anatomy *lol*

He might be just shy of HM, Im not sure.. but even if he was a bland veiltail with damaged fins and undesirable colour or faults.. Id love him :)

Lolz.. *ramble* Heres some pics and a video of him :)


lol at the odd white thing out of his mouth.. must be a shine or something on the glass


You can see the damaged scales here

And the video :) (Sorry, I cant seem to get it to embed)


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Looks like he MIGHT be one of Shemma's fish ... and he's close by Fountain Gate, if Google Maps can be trusted.

Ahhhh, awesome!

Then to Shemma, I love you :P

Such beautiful fish :( lol

were bouts in melb are ya from ?

i know what you mean about dangerous and someone's fish are just a click away :fish:

my new fish are coming this week cant wait :D

Im up in the Dandenong Ranges, about an hour out of Melb city :D

Oooh yes! Theyre soo tempting *dreams* One day :P

Awesome, good luck with them :D

Love his colour and fins! Is that just the pictures/angle or is his body really that short?

When compared to my other boys his body is really short, but my boys have really long bodies.. hmmm, but yes, I think the pictures show how long his body is quite well.. lol

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Thank you all! :D

Yes he is quite big, bigger than my other bettas.. hmm I think Ill have to thank this Shemma :P

I do plan on breeding him, Ive paired him up with my girlie, Ive posted a pic of her below :) I believe she is also one of Shemma's fish :P Im just getting all my supplies and learning as much as I can before I put them together :alright:

More Pics-


The girlie


This is probably closest to his true colour


You can see his damage here, but he is healing nicely :D And is very active :)


Its like he has blue lipstick on :)

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Ahh... ok... didn't see this post before I replied to this guy's thread in the critique forum. If this is Shemma's fish (which seems highly likely) then it's descended from Jo Oakley's marbles which carried metallic. Several Melbourne breeders got fish from Jo at around the same time. The sibling spawns produced lots of solids, marbles, butterflies and cellophanes. I think this colour is very likely caused by one copy of the metallic gene affecting one of the underlying blue, steel, or turquoise but I'm not sure which one it is.

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I would suggest a copper female to go with him because I think his underlying iridescence is steel. If that's true then pairing him with a copper female would result in half the fry lookiing like dad and half like mum. If he is actually royal blue with one copy of metallic and you paired him with a copper female, then half will still look like him but only a quarter like mum and the remainder should be teal. Teal is royal blue with 2 copies of metallic.

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