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New to Bettas


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Hello Everyone,

My name is Julie and i am new to breeding Bettas i have somewhat recently purchased my male who is very beautiful he is a turqouis with blue and purple shimmers and he has red and pink in his tail. He is happy and swimming around and i enjoy having him as a pet. I am looking for any advice on breeding Bettas and resources for live food such as brine shrimp for feeding before i will try to mate him. I have also made some inquiries to a breeder who i would really like to purchase my female from plus a few others. If anyone reading this post has Betta females which will be ready for sale in the next few weeks (asap would be best) then i would really like to hear from you! I am looking for a pretty female half to my male. I would love a pure white or even a lavender or even a white mix. I am open and happy with other colours like a aqua/turquoise/pink/purple/blue. I am very excited with the prospects of breeding my Betta and would love any advice from currect breeders.

Betta Happy! :D


please feel free to contact me directly via email: bbettas@hotmail.com

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Hey julie,

You should look at a post labelled betta tail types and try figure out what kind of boy you have (half moon, plakat, veil tail, crowntail etc). Then you could submit a wanted to buy post in classifieds for the type of girl to match your boy.

We love pics here, so post away and i'm sure you'll get some advice.

good luck and welcome to the forum.

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Ok i am trying again to post some pics of my pretty VT male :)




he looks really different with and without the flash but looks inbetween to the naked eye :)

I going to attempt breeding him with a light blue female with purple and red tinges in a few weeks if all goes to plan :)

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Hi Julie,

I tried to answer your PM about someone & my boys, but it's being rejected because your inbox is full.

someone's shop is in Annerley Brisbane & she sells on youtube under the name of someone - she has just listed some new stock for sale & had some absolutely stunners, but I see many are "on hold for Lisa" - it's the quick or the dead when she pops them up :-)

The boys of mine that you commented on were all purchased from Aquabid.com - someone aka someone does all the quarantining of the Bettas that are sold by the Thais & sent to Australia - ONLY BUY FROM SELLERS WHO MENTION someone in their auctions as their transhipper, so you can't buy out of USA either.

Welcome, Di

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