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Keeps logging me out randomly

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hi guys. Im having issues.

I can log in, but as soon as i try to go to a forum or anything im NOT logged in. so it says I cannot access it.

Just wondering if there is anything i have changed to make this happen.

If not, can you help? Thanks - Nikki


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Not sure what you're doing there Nikki.... you must have been logged in to post this though so maybe it's working again for you?

Can you describe what you were doing / clicking during the time you logged in and then it said you were logged out?

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and fourth try lucky today.....

took me about an hour to get that post up yesterday.


i would open the site. log in. and then the next page would be the open page "( with the crowntail and 'forums' 'tools' all that stuff on the left.

then clicking on anything in that list it would do one of two things. - a page would come up saying that only members of aus aqua could view the page - if i looked at the top it said i was not logged in......

or sometimes i could move on, and it would take me to forums, then the same thing mentioned above would happen.

or sometimes it would move on to the next part of the the forums - lets say general - and then the same thing would happen!

on the very rare occasion i could actually read a post. - but then if i tried to reply the message would com e up again.

and then a couple of times yesterday i could actually get through this lot to get in a do something...... completely random as i was doing everything the same.

and if i tried to click on the 'most recent post' -or what ever its called ("sorry cant remember")

the same thing would occur...................

wow i really hope that makes sense!!!

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sounds like an issue with your cookies or other computer settings, not the forum. There are older threads in the feedback forum about the same issue. I don't know how to fix it (just because I pay for a forum doesn't make me computer literate, lol) but someone else did.



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Hi Nikki, try this procedure to ensure you have the necessary cookie(s) saved to your computer. 1.Click "tools" (on the menu bar immediately above the webpage) 2. click "internet options" 3. click "privacy" 4. click "advanced" 5. click "accept" (under 1st party cookies) and click "block" (under third party cookies), also tick both "allow session cookies" and "overide automatic cookie handling" while your'e there. 6. click "ok" on both dialogue boxes to close them. 7. Log in to Aus Aqua to see if this action cured the problem.

Cheers, Brad.

Edited by Brad
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