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some new additions

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hi all

i spent a few weeks at my sisters to help babysit while she was in hopital with number 5

and while i was there i cought myself 6 red claws they range in size the smallest is 5-6 cm and

the largest is 7-8 cm and now they have settled thought i would share them with you

the tank is nothing fancy but i think it works with the plastic plants i had sitting in around




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I love these guys I brought a pair for my husband when we lived in Cairns. They were such characters but beware they can get out of small holes. They breed really well too.

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i used to have a pair of blue crays when younger and within months was over run with babys :D good times lol.

i want to get something a little more fancy later on and thought these would be good to start with

sadly after i had moved it onto a new stand the tank sprung a major leak and i lost half the water onto my bedroom floor

its sad cause i was really really happy with how id set it up,the crays are fine and were moved to a tank on the varander

they will have to stay there untill i get the tank fixed :)

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